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A free online service for aeronautical fortunes. It's your horoscope based on aircraft, not star constellations.

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Selfie Stick Fencing

An Athletic Handbook that serves as an introduction to the competitive sport, stating practical guidelines and rules.

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Battersea Concert Park

A critical Master's thesis revealing a rift between the visual and acoustic appearance of a park.

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StrollerX Project

Still in pre-kickstarter mode, yet the disruption of sidewalks is imminent. First you crawl then you drive.

Invest a round

One Condoms

Winning idea and illustration for a condom wrapper contest. First price was a bag of 365 condoms – few are left.

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FunnyBizz, June 2017 in San Francisco.

BAHFest – Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses, March 2017 in London.

ClojureBridge, November 2016 in Berlin

I'm enthusiastic about speaking at conferences, some called my performance more of a poetry slam. Current topics revolve around sustainable design and development, happiness, the mundane life of mice and communicating with non-humans or machines.

JoyOfCoding, Rotterdam 2016

Hobby-oriented Programming

This session defines developer types (amateur and professional) and explores the correlation between a programmer's happiness and leisure time activities.

RubyConf, San Antonio 2015.

RuntimeError: can't save WORLD

Rumor has it that software engineers hold the power to build the things of our future. With power comes responsibility, or in this case the chance to build and write better things.

WriteTheDocsEU, Prague 2015.

Visual Documentation Language

A picture says more than …how many lines of code? This session offers an introduction to a variety of established as well as experimental visual documentation methods.

Circus Board

My alter egos use this space to publish frankenstein hypotheses about friendly microbes, plant intelligence, mousetronauts and everything in between.

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