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Designer && Developer

Four years experience of creating ad campaigns and web design meet one year self-directed programming studies. Depending on where you stand and which way you are looking, you may assume I'm a digital Swiss army knife.
Yet, I'm mostly human.

Personal and professional skills include proficient use of graphic design software, increasing knowledge writing html, css and JavaScript, while navigating git and the DOM. Additionally, I'm familiar with design thinking and research methods, storytelling and some attentive listening.

Speaker || Volunteer

Sharing my thoughts on a stage is always a welcome adventure. I currently speak about sustainable design and development or the concept of empathy machines. Apart from that, smiling and guiding fellow attendees to workshop rooms, proved to be an equally worthwhile activity.

These too shall pass. Come along...

MagmaConf, February 2017 in Manzillo.
Pixelache Festival, September 2016 in Helsinki.
PolyConf, June 2016 in Poznan.
JoyOfCoding, June 2016 in Rotterdam.
Eyeo Festival, June 2016 in Minneapolis.

Stranger presentations have happened...

RubyConf, November 2015 in San Antonio.
WriteTheDocs EU, August 2015 in Prague.

Amateur * Scientist

This section features research findings undertaken in a spirit of curiosity, plus writings and other activities I engage in for pleasure. Potentially entertaining.

Under construction...